If a press officer was calligraphy a message astir you and your corporation and she visited your website, could she insight thing purposeful and unputdownable astir you to use in her story? And could she brainwave it quickly? Or would she directly abandon your locality and air for one of your competitors to author about?

Make it Easy for the Reporter
Every website nowadays should have a "Media Room" (also known as an online pinch room) with everything a stringer wishes to write a fable briskly. Not lonesome should you regard subject matter active your band history, the control social unit and owners, your products and services, and so on, but nowadays you should as well endow golf links to industry art groups, data nearly industry trends, and perchance even a inventory of your competitors.

Why would you encompass your competitors, you ask?

Because basically same you, a correspondent is unbelievably labouring and normally distraught. If you were the stringer and you visited a website that handed you the ideal parable and all the sources to indite an impersonal nonfictional prose roughly speaking widgets (which only happened to be thing your publication's readers, and more than significantly your boss, would love to publication), wouldn't you be thrilled? Of programme you would. And so would I.

Besides, all case a scope searches for your competitors' products and services, your website will come in up in the search, too. Maybe the opportunity will click on your website nexus as an alternative of your competitor's.

The Top 20
So let's wonder about what you should take in in your new website Media Room. Here's a inventory to get you started; all of these would be a set apart "sublink" within your Media Room:

  • Owners and direction squad bios (one squat and one hourlong bio for each mortal)
  • Photos: downloadable, scalable, in 300 dpi (suitable for written language publications) and 72 dpi (for online outlets), named/labeled, one for respectively accomplice of the direction unit and any products you promote
  • Company statement and history, as well as dates, facts and gross sales info (or pct of development by year)
  • A catalogue of products or work and terse descriptions of all one
  • Customer demographics
  • List and bumf of any awards you or your corporation have won
  • List of substance concept next to 4 to 6 conversation points for all one
  • Audio and video clips with mumble bytes astir burning issues
  • List of media go through for key group players
  • Issues and opinions page, together with post papers, articles you have written, White Papers, course to commercial enterprise resources for both sides of the opinions (all maiden in a new watcher window, of range)
  • Statements or quotes by key organisation regarding your concern philosophy, hot industry topics, or remarks around syndicate issues.
  • Industry trends and word
  • Calendar of in hand buying shows and industry dealings
  • List of your key competitors and golf links to shell sites that may encompass divergent or even glum views (opening in new spectator windows, of course!)
  • Company and wares communication (with all your releases traded/summarized and linking to the supplied message)
  • In the News slot (links to actual published articles, opening in new looker windows)
  • Contact records for key guests players: day, night, compartment phone, pager, fax, email (make it easy for the writer to get in touch with you!)
  • Email watchful work to inform reporters of report
  • Forms for reporters to order videos, photos, samples
  • Ability to look into the parcel of land for information, keywords, topics, etc.

And don't bury to put an blatant link to your Media Room, exact on your home page ... and all page. Don't suffer if you can't do all of this instantly. Just hold breakage distant at it, and before long you'll have a terrific Media Room. Then timekeeper how your excitement grows.

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