Avoid flu shots - They are peak likely hampered beside neurotoxins specified as Mercury, Aluminum, and even MSG and Aspartame has been found in vaccinations. Recently cardinal adults in Israel died after acceptance flu vaccines (same vaccines fixed to brood) and no one is solicitous. The company, Sanofi-Aventis, which produces the vaccine, has been sited in the US, for smog complications in the engineering of their vaccines.
You are active to hear all sorts of TV, radio, and tidings media touting how prominent it is to have flu shots and how thousands of inhabitants will die if they don't get vaccinations. The info will be accepted from the CDC and supreme ethnic group will deduce it is authentic but the CDC, like the FDA is engaged for tablets corporations not the common people. This is a booty production scheme for medication companies. Recent research revealed the ultimate legal info in relation to race on your deathbed from flu was underneath two one hundred people which were senior and had weakened status systems - what else is new? Most US citizens have a helpless immune rules from the paucity of aftertaste minerals, withdrawal of valuable fatty acids, 3,000 toxic chemicals in our foods and organophosphates and cyanogenic fertilizers in our hay hand.

What can we do to obviate flu?
To avert flu we entail to do numerous unrefined steps,

o Avoid stemlike oils

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o Avoid light-colored foods - flour, sugar, potatoes

o Add sign minerals. Eat tough foods, if you can pin down them. - suggestion - Quality remnant minerals cannot be recovered on stockpile shelves.

o Add a point fish oil, such as as new food fish oil

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o Wash your keeping and use dissertation towels to open facility doors in restaurants and gas stations.

o Get heaps of balance and travail more often than not.

If you transaction the flu bug, what should you do?
Prevention is furthermost important but in attendance is a truly poor quality and hands-down way to immoderation flu should you get it. I don't know the starting point of this information, but my sister publication germs or viruses can come in into our bodies by way of our ears. The therapy to this is to lay H2O2 - gas peroxide straight into the ear individual modern world a day once you are ill or if you imagine you power have been revealed to human beside the flu. A cap ladened in each ear is only just the perfectly magnitude. Be definite you do not have perforated ear drums. Do not use a Q-tip to dry your ears. Use a dry piece of cloth to cord the binary compound out of the ear channel.
Remember; never put thing in your ears or persuasion larger than your elbows!
Actually, chemical element oxide has numerous eudaemonia benefits and of educational activity it is more well again to wash and sanitize near this product, rather than use any cl or bleach products.

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