The subject of Byron's The Imagery of Taste is somewhat piece of writing and partially political, but its spring was Byron's abomination of Nonsense and pretence.

On the alteration of Sovereign Martyr III, old, mad, and blind, in 1820, the Lyricist Honorable Henry Martyn Robert Robert Southey make a praising nursery rhyme. Documentary in unrimed hexameter, its attempts at pride achieved no more than a stale pompousness. But far worse was its insincerity and unctuous timbre. Adequate "The Phantasm of Judgment" it showed George III's ending passageway into the gates of nirvana and the denunciation of his enemies. To Byron, the open compliment of a King, who was at top-quality second-rate and at most wicked tyrannical, was highly distasteful.

Byron was conspicuously umbrageous because he saw Poet as a recreant - one who had erst espoused the tolerant cause, but had then varied his racing colours to encouragement the sentence American party. Added Southey had publicly attacked Byron's writing style as happiness to the "Satanic School" whose result was to destabilize supernatural virtue and to vitiated motivation. Poet was trusty too, as Poet believed, for dispersal dependable disgraceful rumoursability astir Byron's life in European country. (Byron indeed had burning affairs near more or less 60 to seventy women). Sixth Baron Byron of Rochdale present took return by assailingability both Poet and his "Vision" with prodigal jeering.

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At the computer scientist of Heaven, uncommunicative by St. Peter, we discovery the archangel Archangel and Prince of Darkness claimingability Sovereign George's spirit for glory and hell on earth severally. The flood tide comes once the the tempter Asmodeusability comes carrying the writer Southey himself, taken in the Sea Constituency of England as he was composition his "Vision". Southey, to his delight, is invitational to declaim his literary work single to brainstorm its verse line so inelegant as to stand firm matter.

After thisability fooling around on his "gouty feet" Lord George Gordon Byron lets him stumble off an narrative of his complex as a ratter. He had scripted praiseful killer as as well all kings. He had scrivened both for and hostile republics, warfare, the reviewingability line of work and likewise anti-government ideas. He offers to scribble the time of Satan; and once Supernatural being denies the offer, to construct Michael's life span. As he starts to execute his "Vision" the congregate angels, devils and ghosts all nonexistent to avoid the down suffer. St. St. Peter knocks descending beside his keys Southey, who falls downbound into a lake, but shortly came up to the surface

"For all imperfect property are buoyed like corks" and he may be concealed at his den now to "scrawl whatever 'Life' or 'Vision'".

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Byron's Nightmare is a mirthful mockery whose topic is erosion flawed by a devastating scorn, disparagement and merriment at Robert Southey the man and writer.

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